Sandra Boynton Classroom

Classroom Ages: 6 - 16 months
Classroom Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Before and After Care Available!

About This Class

At Noah’s Ark we understand how critical the first years of your child’s life are for brain and language development.  Our Sandra Boynton Classroom Staff focus on providing your child with a loving, nurturing environment in which they can safely explore and investigate while implementing the Creative Curriculum for Infants.  We build on daily routines and meaningful learning experiences to nurture each child’s unique strengths, interests, and needs.  Our goal is to partnership with families to begin the process of developing a society of independent learners and using our assessment and developmental screening tools to ensure all milestones are being met, provide support and resources to all families, and develop an inclusive first learning environment.

Classroom Schedule

*Diapers are changed every 2 hours unless needed earlier
*Routine Care includes diapers, handwashing, bottles/meals, rest

7:30-9:15 Arrival

  • Parent/child greetings and label child’s bottles/materials
  • Morning Meal Routine: Breakfast/bottles
  • Quiet Play

9:15-9:45 Morning Gathering

  • Circle time songs, greetings
  • Discussion of weather
  • Care for plants/class pet
  • Routine Care

9:45-11:45 Mid-Morning

  • Routine Care (lunch at 11:10 for 12 months and up)
  • Free play
  • Tummy Time/Sensory Activities
  • Prep for outdoor play

11:45-12:35 Gross Motor Play/Outdoor Play

  • Outdoor Playground time weather permitting/indoors--music/movement, tummy time, or indoor gross motor activities
  • Handwashing

12:45-2:45 Early Afternoon

  • Routine Care (2:20 afternoon snack for children over 12 months)
  • 2:45-3:10 Afternoon Gross Motor Play
  • Outdoor Playground 2:45-3:10/Indoor Gross Motor, tummy time, music and movement
  • Handwashing

3:10-4:00 Mid-Afternoon

  • Routine Care
  • Afternoon sensory activities

4:00-4:30 Late Afternoon

  • Sensory Activities
  • Center time/Active learning
  • Story time
  • Routine Care
  • Dismissal

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