Eric Carle Classroom

Classroom Ages: 40 - 70 months
Classroom Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Before and After Care Available!

About This Class

Our certified teachers provide a high-quality program in a safe, secure environment while implementing the Tools of the Mind Curriculum. This research based curriculum encourages the mixed age classrooms to develop social competence, good health habits, effective problem solving skills, creative expression and an enthusiasm for learning. Our goal is to begin the process of developing a society of independent learners, including children with special needs and English language learners that will cultivate a sense of ownership for their community.

Classroom Schedule

  • 8:20-9:05 Gross Motor Play (Outdoors daily except when raining, snowing, or temperatures fall below 32 degree/heat advisory above 93)
  • 9:05-9:20 Handwashing and Breakfast
  • 9:20-9:25 Mystery Games, Attendance, Freeze Dance
  • 9:25-9:40 Morning Meeting
  • 9:40-9:55 Play Plans
  • 9:55-11:00 Make Believe Play Block
  • 11:00-11:10 Clean Up and Bathrooms
  • 11:10-11:25 Small Group (Group A: Math/Science Lab, Group B: Literacy Lab)
  • 11:25-11:40 Large Group Literacy (Graphics Practice or Buddy Reading)
  • 11:40-12:00 Small Group (Group B: Math/Science Lab, Group A: Literacy Lab)
  • 12:00-12:05 Handwashing, Lunch Set up
  • 12:05-12:35 Lunch
  • 12:35-1:35 Quiet Rest Time (Children not napping after 20 minutes get off of their cot to participate in quiet activities)
  • 1:35-2:35 Free Choice Time (Children pick centers, participate in tablet time)
  • 2:35-2:45 Clean up and Music and Movement
  • 2:45-2:55 Closing Group
  • 2:55-3:15 Handwashing/ Snack
  • 3:15-3:50 Sensory Free Choice Centers and Third Small Group
  • 3:50-4:30 Outdoor Gross Motor Play and Dismissal

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