Infants & Waddlers

Infant/Waddler Program

Our certified classroom staff will develop warm, nurturing relationships with each child. Although your child will interact with all classroom staff to ensure that your child bonds and trusts each staff member, your child will have a Primary Caregiver. Your child’s Primary Caregiver may either be the Head Teacher or Assistant Teacher. Your child’s Primary Caregiver will ensure that all of your child’s individual needs are being met, assisting your child continue to progress along the developmental continuum, and provide you with daily progress reports in regards to your child’s busy day at Noah’s Ark!

Our infant/waddler classroom is comprised of infants—6 months old to Waddlers—2 years old. The classroom is set up for infant and toddler play, as well as a quiet resting area for sleeping infants. We’ve arranged the space so they can explore freely and safely. You will see lots of toys and materials that will stimulate their social, physical, cognitive, and language development!

Infant/Waddler Curriculum

The first years of your child’s life are critical for brain and language development. At Noah’s Ark we will provide your child with a loving, nurturing environment in which they can safely explore and investigate their environment. Noah’s Ark certified staff implement the Creative Curriculum for Infants/Toddlers and every moment of each day is part of our curriculum—from the minute you enter the classroom to diapering, meal times, singing, physical movement and play, free play, and more! Every experience is a learning opportunity to enhance your child’s physical, language, cognitive and social development. Teachers also incorporate sign language and key words from your family’s home language into the day. Your child’s developmental progress will be monitored through the use of the POCET observation and evaluation tool along with the Creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives.

To enhance your child’s physical development and sense of the world around them, the students are brought outside daily. Whether playing on the playground, or while in the buggy (6 passenger stroller) your child will explore the area surrounding our school and neighborhood. On rainy days, we continue to enhance our physical development through baby yoga and the use of baby indoor gym equipment.

Infant & Waddler Gallery

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