Join us this summer as we go on an imaginative journey around the world and through time and space! Our summer curriculum is designed to capture students’ imaginations and allow them to immerse themselves in a focused area of study. All developmental levels will master new academic content and broaden their knowledge and imagination!
American Traditions Camp

Campers will be engaged in Red, White, and Blue activities while learning about some of America’s History. Children will become party planners as they plan a party complete with fun, food, and festivities related to their choice of celebration. Options include, but are not limited to a Hawaiian luau, Louisiana Mardi Gras, Independence Picnics, or an American Camp Out.

Geology Gurus

Campers will focus on rocks and minerals and well as Earth formations including volcanoes! The children will have a chance to explore, experiment, collect, and even “mine” rocks and minerals to help visualize and learn about Earth’s materials.

Paleontology Portal

Campers will transition from fossils into the imaginative world of dinosaurs. Math, literacy, science and creative arts hands on activities will help the children visualize and experience paleontology in a way they never have before!

Time Travelers and Treasure Hunters

Will campers travel in space ships or on magic carpets into the future or the past? Children will learn to read basic maps as they complete explorations to find hidden treasures!
Regals and Royals

Campers will become a prince or princess as they explore the attire of royalty and castle architecture. Children will explore various literature related to princes and princess and reenact many traditional stories through puppetry and dramatic story retelling. Some stories include The Paper bag Princess and The Princess and the Frog!

Knights and Dragons

Imagination is key as the children take on the role of a Knight in protecting the “Noah’s Ark Castle” from the dragon. Children will learn about Medieval knights and dragon folklore.

Enrichment Gallery

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